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Count down 2014 with Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill.  The brand new Far and Near Calendar for 2014 is 12"x12" and features 28 pages brought to you by the West Side Beemer Boyz.  Featuring written passages by Neil Peart for each month of the year.   Note, there is a Bonus Month December 2013 included in this calendar, so you can start using this calendar before the new year.

December 2013 passage:

Speaking of matters of scale, I call this photo "Death Valley bonsai", because the skeletal, gnarled tree was actually only about a foot tall- a lovely example of the minaturization of desert life (and death).  The shot was taken near Badwater Bsain, the lowest spot in North America, at 282 feet below sea level. It is also the hottest place in the Western Hemisphere, with a record temperature of 134 degrees farenheit in 1913.

It was nowhere near that hot on the days we filmed in Death Valley, however (the snow in higher elevations is a clue).  The morning temperature was 37 degrees, barely rising to 60 through the day.

The water in the background is another illusion.  A recent rainfall had flowed down from the rocky canyons and alluvial fans, bajadas (the debris fields at the base of the mountains, eroded into perfect angles, called the "angle of repose" - Wallace Stegner used that as a metaphor in a fine novel with that title), and at the lowest point, an inch or two of water had colelcted over the usual white mineral flats.

"Talking Drums In Death Valley" , February 2011


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